Books on Research Ethics:

(Note: being listed here does not necessarily imply an endorsement)

Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics
Emanuel et al, 2008
Exploitation and Developing Countries: The Ethics of Clinical Research
Hawkins & Emanuel, 2008
Walking the Tightrope: Ethical Issues For Qualitative Researchers
Will C. van den Hoonard, 2002
Research Ethics for Social Scientists
Isreal & Hay, 2006
Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics
Singer et al, 2008

(with very good sections on research ethics)

Research Ethics and the Internet: Negotiating Canada’s Tri-Council Policy Statement
Kitchin, 2008
The Student’s Guide to Research Ethics
Oliver, 2003
Research Ethics
Iltis, 2008
Evaluating the Science and Ethics of Research on Humans: a Guide for IRB Members
Mazur, 2007